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Family Resiliency Center


The Family Resiliency Center is a division of Ozaukee Community Therapies that serves families that are divorced or separated. Divorce and separation can challenges in a variety of ways for both individuals and families. Our clinic developed this center with services to wrap around families and create a nurturing environment to minimize conflict and create resilience for children and families in these circumstances.


Child Specialist -

A child specialist is a licensed counselor who is trained in family mediation.  They work as a neutral third party with the entire family to provide education to parents, give children a voice, and help parents make decisions about placement and parent plans that are a win/win for everyone.  This process can help to minimize cost and conflict.

Classes/Groups -

A variety of divorce classes and groups will be offered for both children and adults on topics ranging from dating after divorce, single parenting, how to communicate the news of divorce to your family, and divorce support.

Safe Exchange -

The safe exchange program offers the opportunity for parents to transition children between parents without parents having to engage with each other.  The custodial parent drops the child(ren) off at our center, the children are supervised by a trained professional at our center, and the non-custodial parent picks up the child(ren) from our center after the other parent has left. 

Supervised Visitation -

This provides children the opportunity to connect with a non-custodial parent in a safe and nurturing environment under the supervision of a trained professional.  Visitation rules and guidelines via a court order and/or the Family Resiliency Center are enforced.