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Ozaukee Community Therapies offers a variety of group session and workshop training events.

Fall Groups 2019 Overview

Non-Medication Strategies to Support Mental Health

Food as Medicine-

“You are what you eat.”  This interactive training will help you to better understand how you eat and what you eat can affect your physical and mental health. We will explore how food impacts mood both negatively and positively.  We will also discuss specific foods that are helpful for individuals who have symptoms of depression and anxiety.


1/20/21 (Wednesday), 6pm-7pm (virtual)


Improving Your Sleep-

Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on trying to improve their sleep with gadgets and medications (over the counter and prescription). Sleep can be affected by mental health as much as sleep can impact mental health.  This session will explore strategies to improve your sleep and your mental health.


1/21/21 (Thursday), 6pm-7pm (virtual)


$10/event or $15 for both events. To register, please email Erin Perez-Hughes at erin@ozaukeecommunitytherapies.com.


About the Trainer- Erin Perez-Hughes, MA, LPC, is the Executive Director of Ozaukee Community Therapies.  She has over 20 years of experience working in the mental health field.  Erin works with children and adults with a variety of mental health issues and has a practice focus in working with individuals with anxiety, autism, and trauma.  In addition to counseling, Erin enjoys facilitating groups and trainings on a variety of mental health related topics. Erin is trained in integrative medicine for mental health and utilizes this approach in her practice.