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Ozaukee Community Therapies offers a variety of group session and workshop training events.

Summer Groups 2019 Overview

Social Skills Group (7-11 Year Olds)

6 sessions- Every Thursday starting 6/20/19-8/1/19

(off on the 4th of July)
Time: 10:00-11:00 am

at Ozaukee Community Therapies, LLC
1245 Cheyenne Ave, Suite 201 Grafton, WI 53024


Facilitated by Kylie McCormick, LMFT and Jessica Glab, APSW


This 6-session group is geared towards supporting children, ages 7-11 years old, in social skills
development in a safe and relaxed group setting. No diagnosis is required. Participants will
engage in discussions and activities that target social skills such as recognizing non-verbal social
cues, conversation skills, making and maintaining peer relationships and friendships, self-esteem

building, and understanding other’s perspectives.


Space is limited- all participants must register by 6/19/19. Many insurance plans are accepted, including state
insurance, or a pay out of pocket option is also available. Please contact Kylie McCormick, LMFT, to register for

the class at 262-372-1899 or at kylie@ozaukeecommunitytherapies.com

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